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When you bring great people together you can achieve great results. Our software helps you to find and recruit them!

Applicant Tracking

Track your applicants with ease. Get full view of all communication, notes and resumes in one place.

Recruiter friendly

Build searchable talent pools. Set-up and manage job positions & unsolicited application pools for your clients.

Career site

Create a Branded job site complete with your own styling or add to your own site. Your active jobs will automatically be listed on the site as you add them.

Team hiring

Make better hiring decisions as a team. Invite your colleagues or external recruiters to upload, review and screen candidates.


Search all resumes and candidates using powerful search engine.


No more Excel spreadsheets or post-it notes. Send automatic welcome and reject e-mails based on applicant stages.


OneRecruit’s features make e-recruitment fast, simple, and affordable.


Free starter package!

  •  Free basic applicant tracking
  •  Access 24/7 from anywhere
  •  No software installation
  •  No hosting required
  •  Multi-language support
  •  Integrate Jobs listings on your website

Applicant Tracking

  •  Applicant tracking
  •  Hosted Careers Site
  •  Rate candidates
  •  Add notes
  •  Receive applications by e-mail
  •  E-mail Templates
  •  Communicate with Applicant
  •  Candidate workflow

Applicant languages

  •  English
  •  Spanish (Español)
  •  German (Deutsch)
  •  Russian (русский)
  •  Chinese (中国的)
  •  Portuguese (Português)
  •  Danish (Dansk)
  •  Swedish (Svensk)
  •  Norwegian (Norsk)


  •  Resume parsing
  •  Predictive Analysis
  •  Relevance Score
  •  Application acknowledgment e-mail
  •  Notifications to unsuccessful candidates
  •  Face detection
  •  Interview scheduling
  •  Outlook integration

Advanced control

  •  Fields control in Applicant Form
  •  Custom screening questions
  •  Notifications
  •  Talent pool
  •  Unsolicited applications
  •  Resume keyword search
  •  Advanced searching

Social media

  •  LinkedIn 
  •  Facebook 
  •  ..and more to come

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