About OneRecruit

OneRecruit makes it easy to create online applications, evaluate candidates, manage documents, track applicants, and hire the best people—all from a web browser anywhere!

OneRecruit’s developers have experience recruiting candidates the old-fashioned way, manually filling out spreadsheets and saving notes, résumés, and other documents using their own disorganized system. Accessing and updating candidate information by team members was difficult and unreliable at best, and routine emails had to be sent manually. Of course, the more candidates applied, the more burdensome tracking them became. Further, available e-recruitment systems weren’t easy to use and weren’t easily scalable for small or mid-sized companies. Eventually, the chief technology officer of OneRecruit’s parent firm decided to create a simpler, user-friendly, web-based e recruitment alternative and price it affordably.

OneRecruit is e-recruitment made simple!

OneRecruit is in active development. We welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions. Your input will help make OneRecruit a better online recruitment platform!