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GDPR Compliance

Starting from 25th May  2018, organisations that collect personal data of EU residents must become compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR is a new law that aims to strengthen people’s right to privacy and protect their personal data.

GDPR places the burden of ensuring compliance on your organisation, especially functions like recruiting which rely heavily on collecting applicants personal data.

Please note that OneRecruit is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. All information provided is general information only. It is not intended to constitute legal advice or seek to be the complete and comprehensive statement of the law, nor is it intended to address your specific requirements. Organisations should take independent legal advice regarding their own provisions for data protection.

To comply you need to create a privacy policy for recruiting

Your company must have a transparent privacy policy in place explaining how it collects, processes and protects data and giving instructions to data subjects on how to ask your company to delete and rectify their data. In addition to this privacy policy, your company may find it useful to have a privacy notice for recruitment. This note will address candidates directly and should include all information required by GDPR Article 13 and Article 14.

  • Include the name and contact details of your organisation. If you have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO), include their contact details as well.
  • A statement that any data requested will be used for recruitment purposes only. You need to explain your legitimate interest too.
  • The types of information about a candidate that reside in your company’s files. These could be contact details, social and professional profiles, education and work experience.
  • Who you will share the data with. For example, if you are a recruitment consultant, you may share this data with your clients.
  • Where you find candidate data. It’s important that you mention you use your sources lawfully.
  • Where the processing is based and where you store data. This is especially important if you transfer data outside the EU.
  • How long your organisation intends to store each candidate’s data. If this isn’t possible, you need to explain with what criteria you determine this period.
  • The applicants’ rights. These include the right to be forgotten, to rectify or access data, to restrict processing, to withdraw consent, to be kept informed about the processing of their data.
  • Instructions on how applicants can take action on the processing of their personal data. Let them know how to access their data or request that you delete, rectify or restrict processing of their data.
  • How you protect applicant data. You could sum up or link to your company’s general privacy policy which should include all the ways your company protects data (e.g. encryption, privacy by design.)

With OneRecruit you can change the default consent text and set-up automatic deletion of applicants in Settings > Compliance.



The Worst Hiring Mistake Any Company Can Make

We’ve all hired people we knew would be superstars and turned out to be duds. And we’ve all failed to hire people who turned out to be superstars at another company. (We all make stupid hiring mistakes.)

Those are big mistakes, but not the biggest. And definitely not the most common mistake.This is the worst hiring mistake any company can make:

Failing to follow up and provide closure to every person who applies for a job — not just interviews but applies.

source: LinkedIn

At OneRecruit we designed the software to provide an easy way to provide closure to all applicants for a job. Simply mark all applicants for your job to ‘Rejection’ and once you are ready choose Send reject e-mails. That way you are certain that all applicants will get a proper closure as a Thank you for applying. Remember many of your applicants may be huge fans of your company and you wish them to continue to be so.

Status Rejection

Send Reject E-mail

Configure fields for applicant form

We just added several fields such as Gender, Birthday and Nationality that you can customize in the applicant form. It can be configured now for any current and future job positions.

Configure fields gender birthday nationality


Mandatory: Require the applicant to fill out the field
Optional: Applicant can decide if to fill out this field
Hidden: The field will not be shown to the applicant

New release – April

New updates in OneRecruit

  • Each team members will now receive e-mail each time a candidate applies.
  • We introduced a new support & faq site where you can suggest ideas for OneRecruit.
  • Delete candidate: It’s now possible to delete a candidate from a position. Just right click on the candidate and select Delete.
  • We added Location to each job position. If filled out it will be shown on your Carrer portal.

Delete candidate:

Location in job position:

Career portal

eCandidate is now offering all of its users their own Career portal. All open positions will automatically be listed on your SEO friendly portal. No need for long complicated urls. Just set-up your portal with your company name – eg

Sample screenshots: