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Export all applicant to CSV

It’s now possible to export all applicants to CSV for easy import into Excel or other program. Click Export all to CSV and it will automatically download applicants as a CSV file containing basic fields needed for reporting.


To comply with various countries legislation for storing applicant data you can set-up automatic deletion of applicants. Go to Settings > Compliance and select the period you want to keep applicant data for. You can configure period individually for Job positions and Talent pools.

Period starts once a job position has been closed.



Social media research tool

Candidates that login with Linkedin are in for a treat as our applicant tracking system will automatically provide a link from their application to their LInkedin Profile.

This new feature will totally enhance the experience for recruiters too.  Any person who is part of the hiring team will be able to link through to a candidate’s LinkedIn profile.

The other new feature that is also available for the hiring team is a link to Google the candidate.  By clicking on the blue “g” you automatically use the Google search engine to search for the applicant’s name and obtain their google ranking.  You may find some candidates do not rank at all or there are many people with the same name, however it is a starting point for the hiring team who use social searches for screening purposes.


Meet us in Las Vegas @Collision 5-6th May 2015

OneRecruit has been selected to attend Collision tech conference in Las Vegas on 5-6th May 2015.

Collision is the Web Summit’s sister went. Web Summit has become Europe’s largest tech conference attracting over 20,000 attendees from around the world. Collision is our vision for a new type of tech conference for America: A meeting place for people who are both building the companies of tomorrow and managing the companies of today.

Press release

OneRecruit v2.0.25 – Analytic charts

What’s new in OneRecruit v2.0.25

  • Analytics: View Applicants over time monthly for all your job positions or individually
  • Analytics: See how many viewed your job posting vs. applied for the job position
  • Analytics: See Top 5 referral sources to understand your applicant sources
  • Add company logo to applicant e-mails
Analytics: Applicants and Views

Analytics: Applicants and Views

Analytics: Applicant sources

Analytics: Applicant sources

OneRecruit v2.0.24 – Jobs Widget

Integrate Job openings with your website on your Career page have never been easier with the new Jobs widget.

Simply add the code (found in Settings > Jobs Widget) on your website and
your job openings will automatically appear. It will take less than 5 minutes to do.

Integrate Job openings with your website

Jobs Widget

OneRecruit v2.0.23 – Apply by E-mail

New features:

Applicants can apply by E-mail
Each job position now have a unique e-mail that you can show on your website, in a pdf or in a job ad in the newspaper. If an applicant applies by e-mail the applicant will automatically be added to your job position with any file attachments included. E-mail can be found in Job position settings.

  • Add Candidates manually from the Actions menu
  • Company can now manually add/delete documents for an applicant, set a document as main resume to be able to view resumé in browser
  • Documents are now searchable instantly after upload
  • Minimize/Maximise and Close Applicant window
Apply job position by email

Apply job position by email (Job settings)

Add Applicant Manually

Add Candidate Manually Dialog

OneRecruit v2.0.22 – Job settings

New features to Job settings:

  • A new Summary page in Job settings that quickly gives you a summary of your job position.
  • Decide if you want a job posting to Automatic close when Application deadline have reached. If you prefer to manually close a job position set this to OFF.
  • List job on Job portal can be used for internal jobs that you do not want to be listed on your career site.
  • Application E-mail is not available yet, but will allow you to receive applications by e-mail.
  • Redesigned Screening questions to make it easier to use based on customer feedback.
Job Vacancy Settings

Job Vacancy Settings