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Choose your Columns


Making sure that you have the right information at a glance is really what each of our clients strive to attain.  Since every recruiter is different there is always a need for someone to have a different layout or set of information that is relevant to their requirements.

Our team recognises the need for such differences and aims to provide our users with information relevant to their situation.  With this in mind we introduced Column Options.  This is a new way for you to choose the columns that you find relevant for you and ensure that the dashboard remains relevant to your requirements.

New Dashboard Filters

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.10.02 AM

If you logged in to OneRecruit today you would have quickly noticed that something has changed on the dashboard.  The new filters menu helps you to easily and quickly:

  • draw down your department or client, great for viewing individual clients or branches
  • view all your open or closed jobs
  • filter by project type
  • Show how many entries you want to view

This new filter is certainly going to help you navigate  your Job positions better.  Tell us what you think!

OneRecruit Announces SEEK Integration for Faster Application Processing of Candidates for Employers

OneRecruit, a leading provider of Applicant Tracking Recruitment Software, has recently announced the integration of global job marketplace SEEK.

This means that any applicant that is applying for a role with a company will have their details and documents automatically assigned to the job post in OneRecruit.

A company no longer has to worry about how to track and manage candidates.  All applicants are stored in OneRecruit for easy review.

Fast Facts on OneRecruit Applicant Tracking System Integration with SEEK

What is SEEK?

  • SEEK is the top marketplace for job advertisement. Applicants who have SEEK accounts can also avail of over 300 courses that will make them ready for a career that they want to pursue. It has a system that evaluates the job market that matches with the applicants and the site provides assistance in finding the right course to take so that an applicant becomes competitive on the job that he wants to apply for.

Why is there a need to integrate SEEK with OneRecruit?

  • OneRecruit works by tracking and managing the recruitment process.  An applicant answers screening questions, upload documents,  fills in a profile and shares a resume. All of which is captures by OneRecruit for review by the hiring manager and their team of recruiters.

How will this benefit your company?

  • For a company who is already using SEEK to source out applicants, integrating their accounts on the OneRecruit will mean automation in choosing the best candidates. Now the Hiring manager can easily see which candidates are the best for the position based on their application. Through Workflow,  it will also be easier to monitor which applicants were already contacted so the Hiring Manager and team no longer has to compare between data from SEEK and OneRecruit.

How can I integrate my SEEK account with OneRecruit?

To initiate integration of your SEEK account, contact our support department by Clicking Here!


Fast Facts on the Departments/Clients Tab

What is the Departments/Clients tab all about?

The Departments/ Clients tab is where you can find the list of all departments or clients that you recruit for. You can also add new departments or clients from this section. This feature can be used to brand a department or job position by adding a specific logo that may be used in conjunction with the advertised job position.

Why we decided to to have this feature.

Recruiters needed to individualise job positions for departments and branches.  By having this feature they could at any point have a branded logo appear in the job position.

How can I get more information? 

For more detailed technical information and a detailed step by step guide on how to configure Departments/ Clients visit our knowledge-base article:

Click Here for more.  This is a Premium feature available to administrators.

Please contact support if you are in need of more information or want assistance regarding the Departments/Clients tab of the software.

OneRecruit has earned a spot in the Capterra ATS Ranking

Capterra  just launched the Top 20 Most Popular Applicant Tracking Software infographic. We are excited to let you know that OneRecruit has earned a spot in the ranking:

“It’s great news for us as it validates that we are heading in the right direction.  A year ago we would not even feature amongst the 203 or so ATS’s out there.  Today we are in the Top 20.  I can’t be more thrilled with the result.” says Martin Staael.

OneRecruit has grown on the principle that people should always do what they love.  When you experience a vocation you love, there will be no other way you would be prepared to work.  Every day becomes inspired and you can’t wait to work on the role you are in.  From this ethos OneRecruit’s Applicant Tracking System enables companies to find and grow their businesses with people that match the values and priorities of the company or organisation.





Speed Recruiting Seminar

Imagine if you could find your dream job by meeting people socially.

What’s the best way to meet people? In a social setting where they can be themselves and show the best part of who they are. After all, you dont want to be stuck at an airport or in traffic with someone you dont like, just because you work with them.

Finding a new job is like starting a new relationship, it pays to date first before tying the knot!

Join us at Melbas, one of the Gold Coast’s finest NiteClubs where you will get to speed date your way to your dream job.

There is no better way to start a new career then by finding the right company to suit your personality profile and personal culture. If you work hard and play hard then you need to be with people who can do the same.

When you take your assessments you will be told what bird, cat or dragon you are. Complete your profiles for each of the above sites so that you may be reached by recruiters. Then come along and enjoy meet the people that will make a difference in your career.


VENUE: Melbas on the Park – Gold Coast

Date: 21st July 2015

Time: 7:00 – 9pm