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The Worst Hiring Mistake Any Company Can Make

We’ve all hired people we knew would be superstars and turned out to be duds. And we’ve all failed to hire people who turned out to be superstars at another company. (We all make stupid hiring mistakes.)

Those are big mistakes, but not the biggest. And definitely not the most common mistake.This is the worst hiring mistake any company can make:

Failing to follow up and provide closure to every person who applies for a job — not just interviews but applies.

source: LinkedIn

At OneRecruit we designed the software to provide an easy way to provide closure to all applicants for a job. Simply mark all applicants for your job to ‘Rejection’ and once you are ready choose Send reject e-mails. That way you are certain that all applicants will get a proper closure as a Thank you for applying. Remember many of your applicants may be huge fans of your company and you wish them to continue to be so.

Status Rejection

Send Reject E-mail