Monthly Archives: March 2014

OneRecruit v2.0.16a – Job position select

This release is mainly a bug fix release solving a problem experienced by users when saving screening questions.

It’s now possible in the job positions selector to see how many new applicants there is (to the right) and the total number of applicants.

Job positions select

OneRecruit v2.0.16 – Talent pool

We just updated OneRecruit to include talent pools.

Not all job positions have an expiration date, and in the case of unsolicited applications you may want a separate job posting for these or several in for each category or even per location.

Talent pools can also be used to store profiles of candidates  in one place as an online searchable database.

Talent pools are usually created when:

  • There is a surplus of candidates that meet the requirements of the position
  • Candidate apply for a position although they may not be suitable for that position they would be an ideal candidate for another

We would love your feedback to improve OneRecruit.

Talent pool

Talent pool

OneRecruit v2.0.15 – Updated GUI

We constantly look at ways to improve our GUI. With v2.0.15 we have worked hard to improve the GUI while keeping it simple and user intuitive.

It’s now easier to view a candidates one by one using the new candidate view.

New features such as filtering, column picker, sorting and full screen mode have also been introduced.