Monthly Archives: December 2010


You can now set your timezone in Account settings. Once you set this we will automatically adjust all times to reflect your timezone. This is very usefull to see when a Note were posted or when an Application were received.

Question fields & Candidate Status

In todays update of eCandidate you can now customize several fields to be either Mandatory, Optional or Hidden. This have been a request from our customers due to various federal and state law differencies.

Also as a huge demand we have added State field to Application form for any applicants in USA.

More status options have now been added such as Phone interview, Interview (1. round) & (Interview 2. round) to more correctly organise your candidates.

Career portal

eCandidate is now offering all of its users their own Career portal. All open positions will automatically be listed on your SEO friendly portal. No need for long complicated urls. Just set-up your portal with your company name – eg

Sample screenshots:

Online e-Recruitment

eCandidate have successfully completed its beta phase and is now available for the public. Currently we only offer a free version while we gather feeedback from our users on how they use eCandidate. We plan to release many more features and pricing options in Q1 2011.